It is only 9 business days until the bi-annual LV Meet the Buyers Expo.

What could you do for your business in 9 days that would equate to the ability to meet over 45+ procurement professionals and business organization specialists at the Expo?

If you are like most small businesses, it is a challenge to find the time to make a (cold) call, let alone follow up the voice message that you leave.  Then, you may or may not have the success of talking to someone. It may take you a week just to make a few calls, and maybe talk to one, if you are fortunate.

This Expo is all about “getting the door opened.”  And, there is no better way then face to face.  You may not need or want to visit all 45+; however, if you plan your Expo visit in advance, the time you spend will be more beneficial then any phone call efforts in a quarter or year!

Take some time, look at what Buyers are attending, review the products/services being sought, research the company on the internet and find where your business is a match OR where you might fulfill a niche need.

And, get prepared – represent your business with the best possible presence – your elevator pitch, your business card, capability statement and what else you feel is appropriate.  Practice your pitch. You will have 3-5 minutes with your initial contact.

However, if you stick around after the early crowd, you may just get the opportunity to follow up and reinforce your interest in working with that company.

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