B. Braun Medical


Allentown, PA


B. Braun is a leading manufacturer of infusion theapy and pain management products that are safe for the patient, the clinician and the environment. B. Braun manufactures IV sets, IV solutions, drug delivery systems, clinical nutrition solutions, IV safety catheters, needle-free IV systems, smart IV pumpt, dialysis machines and disposables, and pain control catheters, needles and trays.

Products sought through Expo:

Large medical device manufacturing machinery and supporting spare parts;

Raw materials:

  • active pharmaceutical ingredients
  • purchased finished good
  • packaging
  • resins
  • molded components
  • elastomers
  • ampuls
  • In addition, pallets, uniforms

Services sought through Expo:

Professional services and consulting:
  • engineering
  • product design
  • technical
  • quality
  • sterilization

*** Appropriate Insurance, sometimes bonding and ISO Certifications ***