City of Allentown


City has a centralized purchasing operation. It is the intent for the City to make vendor-city relations pleasant, professional and profitable for both parties. Profit to the City means more purchasing power.

Founded in  1762, Allentown is the  Lehigh County County Seat with a population, according to the 2010 census, of 118,032. Allentown is the 3rd largest city in PA and the 224th largest in the U. S.    To learn more about the City of Allentown, go to:


Products sought:

  • Parks/Recreation equipment/supplies
  • Health & safety items
  • Police supplies & equipment
  • Road/street  equipment
  • Signs
  • Recycling supplies

Services or Subcontracting Opportunities sought:

  • Information Technology(IT)
  • Plumbing supplies
  • Building Maintenance
  • Police
  • Communications
  • Street information
Special Notes:

All formal bids require a Performance Bond and possible contract. Any bid over $40,000 needs bonding and contracts. Anything professional goes through City Council approval.

Qualifications: Vendor to register with Public Purchase.