In today’s busy business environment, everyone (including procurement folks) has an overflowing list of responsibilities.  And, as a small business owner, you know what it is like to get solicitations from sources that you don’t know and have no time to investigate. Therefore, everyone tends to go with whom they know best or have relied on in the past.
Introducing a new option into the mix takes time to investigate and to develop a level of comfort.

The beauty of an event such as Lehigh Valley Meet the Buyers Expo is that in a concise period of time both procurement professionals and interested businesses can meet face to face.  This is much better than an email, phone call or cold call effort.  The Expo provides a comfortable environment to meet, start a conversation and to begin to build that all important relationship.  Business opportunities today are built on having relationships and finding ways to help businesses be more successful.

As an attendee to this event, it is important to be prepared and do your “due diligence.”
Once you have your business materials together (business cards, capability statement and a succinct introduction), spend  time  researching those companies you want to meet. This research should include reviewing the information on the “Buyers Attending” section, going to the company’s website, and performing an internet search. With this information you should be prepared to share with the procurement professional how your product or service would be beneficial in helping the company.

Although some of these larger companies may be completely satisfied with their current vendor, you may offer providing a “back-up” opportunity,as a secondary supply source.

We don’t always need to be in the primary slot…sometimes being a back- up can become a very valued relationship.

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