Probably the most affordable and effective business development opportunity occurs October 18th – less than a month away.  Upward of 45 procurement professionals, business organizations plus enlightened sponsors will be in one location with the purpose of meeting area small businesses.

Affordable – if you register to attend prior to October 11th, only $35.

Effective – On this website is a list of the attending buyers with the types of products or services being sought – take time to review and determine which ones would be most appropriate for you to “support.”  It is ineffective to think that you can meet all of them and obtain business opportunities.  Be selective and do your research!

Their list may not include services or products that you offer, but you feel your business could be of value to them…take your research a step further and visit their website, look at what they are doing/supporting/promoting – I bet you can find an opportunity .

Here is just a short list of products/services that are being sought:
promotional products, printing services, medical supplies, construction services & supplies, administrative support service, office supplies, analytical equipment, process control equipment, engineering services, maintenance services, marketing services, pallets, computer equipment, chemicals, limo services, recycling services, surveying, security services, environmental, safety…

Be prepared – have you elevator speech, business card, and succinct information to leave behind…use your 3-5 minutes to impress them with your ability to help them. If the procurement professional at the Expo is representing multiple areas for the company, find out the specific person/department that you should follow up with.

Check out the videos on this website if you want more information on “preparing.”

Then, follow up after the Expo.

TIP:  The Expo floor opens at 8:30 am and most attendees seem to want to be there right at start time; however, the Buyers are available until 12:30 – you may want to pace your visit and possibly, increase your face time.

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